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WMS EasyStorage develops with every new customer, and every new customer develops with us

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For many years, 9Bytes has specialised in providing software created with the real needs of our customers in mind. We are a dynamic team of people with passion, and we love what we do every day. In 2017, the WMS EasyStorage System became our flagship product. This innovative solution is based on our original professional software in collaboration with the customers’ master systems. What does that mean in practice? Above all, an increase in productivity, which means quickly noticeable profits. the experience and professionalism of our team of programmers, sales representatives and system engineers guarantee satisfaction from the solutions implemented. We get fully involved in every new project. We don’t slow down, and the number of projects we have realised is constantly increasing.

What guides us? Observing the dynamically expanding commercial sectors, we realised what today’s successes are based on. Leaders are constantly seeking solutions which will enable them to operate their unique business model, provide them with unlimited opportunities for expansion and increase productivity in their warehouses. We followed up these observations by creating a unique system which allows comprehensive servicing of the processes at the customer’s warehouse. Our solutions are a step into the future which will set your company in the right direction.

Consultancy and partnerly cooperation

Close cooperation with the customer is the basis of our activities. We help, support, listen and advise in choosing the solutions best suited to the functional processes at the company. The aim of our solution is first and foremost to increase the efficiency of your business. Incisive analysis and cooperation with the customer enable us to adapt perfectly to the needs of any company.


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