Benefits from introducing EasyStorage

We guarantee the full support of the EasyStorage Team - from the moment you first make contact throughout the entire collaboration
  • Optimum use of warehouse space more
  • Better performance from operators more
  • Reduction of errors when receiving and issuing more
  • Full control of inventory more
  • Increase in your customers’ satisfaction more
  • Attractive cost of implementing and maintaining the system more
  • Adapting to the needs of your company more
  • Better communication between the sales department and the warehouse more
Optimum use of warehouse space

Optimum use of warehouse space

Creating a virtual copy of the warehouse does more than just make work easier for the employees operating it. It also enables optimal use of the available space and a logical, digital division of it into segments according to current requirements. The more systematically arranged surface area impacts the general performance of employees, resulting in realisation times for orders being reduced by up to three times!

Better performance from operators

Optimising the task route, determining the most efficient paths and order for carrying out tasks - these are actions which an intelligent WMS can do for you, in their entirety. Better operator performance translates directly into savings in time and equipment used for everyday work in the warehouse. What is more, operator training can be reduced to as little as one hour!

Better performance from operators

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Reduction of errors when receiving and issuing

Reduction of errors when receiving and issuing

The amount of errors made when completing an order can be minimised thanks to the stock checking which takes place practically automatically. Constant real-time insight into the stock levels guarantees that any inconsistency which does occur can be corrected properly. This allows the level of fault-free orders can reach 100%.

Full control of inventory

By using this system, annual stocktaking becomes a mere formality. Constant control of inventory, in the form of ongoing stocktaking which does not interfere with work, is almost 100% effective! Information about the goods stored in the warehouse is available in real time, and is comprehensible even for unqualified employees.

Full control of inventory
Increase in your customers’ satisfaction

Increase in your customers’ satisfaction

The WMS effectively eliminates mistakes occurring during order picking, which were previously possible in your warehouse. Using the module responsible for informing of any inconsistencies, the number of complaint claims can be reduced by as much as 40%, which leads to major savings for the company and satisfaction for the customers.

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Attractive cost of implementing and maintaining the system

Users of the system are not obliged to meet the costs of purchasing and maintaining servers - this is the obligation of the producers of WMS EasyStorage. The cost of implementation is determined with each customer on an individual basis, and the license fee takes into account access to the latest version of the software, and technical and substantial assistance.

Attractive cost of implementing and maintaining the system
Adapting to the needs of your company

Adapting to the needs of your company

The latest version of the system takes into account practical functionalities and improvements, which are applied successfully in many companies. Regardless of the area of your warehouse or specific nature of your work, we will help you to adapt the WMS to your actual needs, and also provide advice at every stage of its use.

Better communication between the sales department and the warehouse

Properly executed integration with the ERP system at the company practically eliminates the need communication by telephone, directly or by email between the sales department and the warehouse. All the necessary information about orders is exchanged between the WMS and ERP in real time. This means that both departments can concentrate on their main operations.

Better communication between the sales department and the warehouse

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Problems solved by our system


Incomplete or wrong issue

Have shipments inconsistent with the order form resulted in many complaints? Our WMS will make sure that human error is eliminated at every stage of completion of the packages. Simply scan the barcode number for information about what items a given order should comprise.


Errors during manual sorting and preparation of dispatch notes

Does manual sorting of goods sometimes cause stock inconsistencies? Thanks to using our system, every item is assigned a specific place in the virtual warehouse, and the dispatch note is prepared automatically based on the data available in it.


No overview of the stock delivery and issue cycle

WMS means complete control over the course of stock issuing. The warehouse manager is kept up-to-date about all the events his workers and specific products participate in. Thanks to automation, any errors which may occur can be eliminated in real time.


Low completion efficiency

Elimination of empty runs, optimum designation of routes and provision of information about priority events - these are the functions responsible for the best possible use of each employee’s time. Introducing the system to a warehouse guarantees a significant increase in productivity.


Sale of goods exceeds stock levels

Inconsistencies connected with inventory cease to be a problem for warehouses which use our system. WMS ensures continuous inventorisation and constant access to information about the location of goods in the warehouse. Real-time controls allow most errors to be rectified.


Problem with carriers

Has impeded contact with a carrier prevented the proper shipping of goods? Integration with the courier firm via our system reduces the time required to coordinate all actions. This is not just a significant time saving, but also a guarantee of fewer mistakes.


Trouble arranging stock in the warehouse

No space in the warehouse? Does the current arrangement of goods prevent effective work and hinder everyday tasks? WMS EasyStorage enables optimum planning of spaces assigned for particular items, mixing indexes at a single location, shelf or pallet.


Effective communication between the sales department and the warehouse

Communication difficulties no longer have to be a problem for warehouse employees. From the ERP system level, the sales department has access to the completion or delivery status and number of every courier delivery. WMS imports products and orders unattended. Simply full, undisturbed communication.

Improvement in indexes after WMS implementation


30% faster order completion


Every order is realised


40% fewer complaints


Inventory levels up to 100% compliant with the annual stocktaking


Stocktaking time reduced by up to 80%


20% less demand for purchase of warehouse lifters


A new employee is prepared for work after an hour of training


Efficiency of warehouse staff increased by 25%



Full support and software development throughout the entire time of usage

Individual approach

An individual approach to the customer during and after implementation


Total matching to the customer’s needs/ processes


Integrated with the customer’s ERP module

Competitive price

The costs of implementing and using the system are attractive compared to the competition


Available as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)


Our system is integrated with various popular platforms, and we can also conduct integrations with original systems

and many more


Our solution is an investment for years to come. The use of innovative technologies enables us to guarantee our users that the system is truly reliable. We have chosen tried and tested technologies, which means we can concentrate totally on creating an intuitive and friendly system for our users.

Mobile application

Xamarin Native

This is a modern set of tools for creating applications for mobile devices. Apps created on the Xamarin platform use the hardware acceleration of a given platform. They are compiled in such a way as to make use of fully native performance. Thanks to Xamarin Native we were able to write apps for the operator on the Android system, which not only has an intuitive interface, but also responds instantly to the user’s commands. The minimum Android system version compatible with our application is 4.4 (KitKat)

Web application

.net core + core

We apply the latest technologies so that our customers receive fast and reliable software. The core chosen by features exceptional speed and is capable of processing up to 7 million requests per second.



We take care of our customers’ data security.

The application uses Microsoft Azure cloud computing. Our customers’ data bases are also stored there.

This cloud ensures protection against the loss of valuable data, and offers high accessibility. The SLA agreement for virtual machines guarantees operation for 99.99% of the time. The connection between the customer and WMS EasyStorage is encrypted with an SSL certificate.

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