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What is WMS

WMS ( Warehouse Management System) is a system which streamlines and coordinates all the processes carried out in warehouses (shifting items, picking orders, stocktaking, etc.).

It is perfectly suited to everyday servicing of large numbers of dispatches, coming from many senders and heading for many customers.

What is WMS

Improvement in indexes after WMS implementation


30% faster order completion


Every order is realised


40% fewer complaints


Inventory levels up to 100% compliant with the annual stocktaking


Stocktaking time reduced by up to 80%


20% less demand for purchase of warehouse lifters


A new employee is prepared for work after an hour of training


Efficiency of warehouse staff increased by 25%

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We are a team of specialists who adapt to your needs. We provide our customers with software of the highest quality, guaranteeing improved performance and therefore increased profits. When you introduce the solutions we have prepared, you gain full control over the processes taking place at your company, and professional advice at every stage of our cooperation.

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Our system is integrated with various popular platforms, and we can also conduct integrations with original systems

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