Implementation of the WMS System

WMS EasyStorage is excellent quality at a competitive price. The license fee covers full support, and technical and substantive assistance.

Cooperation with our company

Cooperation with our company means above all adapting WMS EasyStorage to the needs of your company, and smooth implementation.

An effective WMS should respond to a company’s business needs, and implementation should not interfere with ongoing work. Implementation of the WMS programme is a complex process, but a properly prepared and professional implementation team will guarantee the success and appropriate comfort of cooperation, and future satisfaction from the solution implemented.

Implementation phases:

  • Needs identification
  • Project preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Implementation
  • Tests
  • Training
  • Launching into production

Description of implementation phases


Needs identification

The WMS must respond to the company’s needs. Above all, the areas/processes which are to be improved after implementation should be identified. During the process of defining problems (e.g. difficulties in tracking batches of goods, control of employee working time, common mistakes, difficulties with reporting, etc.) and identifying the areas for improvement (e.g. reducing dispatch times, operating blockades, quality control, labelling, etc.), it is necessary to collaborate with an experienced WMS supplier which properly matches the solution to the expectations of the customer. 


Project preparation

During this phase we determine how the WMS will solve the defined problems. The experience of the appropriately prepared team allows processes to be properly planned and the relevant solutions to be selected. This is a key phase for the entire WMS implementation process.


Implementation, tests and training

The main aim of the work is to physically adapt the system to the needs of the company after a painstaking analysis. Cooperation between EasyStorage and the company where the solution is to be implemented is vital at this stage. After completion of the implementation phase we move on to the tests, during which we check the proper configuration of processes and their functioning in the warehouse. Training the employees who will operate the system is also of particular importance, to ensure that their work is comfortable and fully satisfying.


Launching into production

Once the system implemented has been accepted, production is launched.


find out how to manage warehouse operations more efficiently at your company



Full support and software development throughout the entire time of usage

Individual approach

An individual approach to the customer during and after implementation


Total matching to the customer’s needs/ processes


Integrated with the customer’s ERP module

Competitive price

The costs of implementing and using the system are attractive compared to the competition


Available as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)


Our system is integrated with various popular platforms, and we can also conduct integrations with original systems

and many more


Our solution is an investment for years to come. The use of innovative technologies enables us to guarantee our users that the system is truly reliable. We have chosen tried and tested technologies, which means we can concentrate totally on creating an intuitive and friendly system for our users.

Mobile application

Xamarin Native

This is a modern set of tools for creating applications for mobile devices. Apps created on the Xamarin platform use the hardware acceleration of a given platform. They are compiled in such a way as to make use of fully native performance. Thanks to Xamarin Native we were able to write apps for the operator on the Android system, which not only has an intuitive interface, but also responds instantly to the user’s commands. The minimum Android system version compatible with our application is 4.4 (KitKat)

Web application

.net core + core

We apply the latest technologies so that our customers receive fast and reliable software. The core chosen by features exceptional speed and is capable of processing up to 7 million requests per second.



We take care of our customers’ data security.

The application uses Microsoft Azure cloud computing. Our customers’ data bases are also stored there.

This cloud ensures protection against the loss of valuable data, and offers high accessibility. The SLA agreement for virtual machines guarantees operation for 99.99% of the time. The connection between the customer and WMS EasyStorage is encrypted with an SSL certificate.

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