Prime Quality Bearings

Prime Quality Bearings distributes ball bearings and tools in Poland and Europe.

It has a high storage warehouse for 10,000 pallet locations.

Prime Quality Bearings


The company PQB  has a WMS system, but this no longer meets the requirements of the customer.

The most inconvenient features of the previous warehouse system:

  • slow functioning, e.g. finding free locations (during deliveries) lasted up to 40 minutes
  • no possibility to work on mobile terminals (picking based on a printout, checking at a stationary computer)
  • maintenance slow to react
  • fees for system updates
  • no integration with the ERP system (ineffective communication between the sales department and the warehouse)
PQB - The situation before implementing EasyStorage


Implementing EasyStorage

During the first stage, the basic processes currently served by the warehouse are determined. After analysing the data, we developed along with the customer a way to adapt EasyStorage to the requirements of the customer. Areas of special concern were:

1. Integration with the ERP system (Optima XL).

2. Mapping the warehouse operators’ everyday actions on the mobile terminal.

Both of these areas were defined, discussed and implemented, then tested within two months.

Due to the heavy burden on the warehouse, the implementation was planned for the end of December, the holiday season.

The day before implementation, the customer supplied an inventory file and a warehouse structure file in spreadsheet form.

On 28.12.2017, we imported the inventory data and the EasyStorage system was activated.

Over the next couple of days, our consultant oversaw the situation at the customer’s company, to react on an ongoing basis to any improprieties. All inconsistencies were rectified practically in real time.

PQB - Implementing EasyStorage


After implementing EasyStorage

The company received a modern WMS system, fully integrated with their ERP systems (CDN Optima XL)
The problem of communication between the sales staff and the warehouse was resolved by providing exact statuses of orders and deliveries. Indexes of goods are imported into the WMS along with the order. Modern data collector using the android system (the customer chose a model by HotPoint) with our software enabled an increase in picking and stocktaking speeds, and route optimisation.
The customer consciously chose the subscription solution, aware that the warehouse was alive and constantly changing.
The software and maintenance costs for the entire duration of the contract are known in advance (guaranteed SLA), this is one benefit.
Another is the constant updating of the system, the addition of new functionalities at the customer’s request, and the lack of server infrastructure costs. 


Customer opinion

"The EasyStorage programme is a success at our warehouse, it has significantly improved the receipt of goods, picking and issuing compared to the previous warehouse software.

Control of outgoing goods has improved, stock levels are updated on an ongoing basis.
It is clear and intuitive, it is much easier to deal with a large number of orders.
It helps organise work, I have real-time insight into what a given employee is doing, and where.
A huge plus for the work on Android, when there was a problem with the internet it just took an ordinary sim card and everyone could carry on working.

I recommend it with a clear conscience to anyone."

Adam Marczyk
Warehouse manager

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